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Around the traps

It has been a busy month for me so far. Not only was I involved in a long awaited survey near the Gippsland Lakes for the threatened New Holland Mouse but I’ve also just purchased a whole new camera setup. The only problem is I’m still learning the buttons and settings of this camera plus getting use to my new lenses. Apart from a bridge camera (cross between a compact and DSLR) I haven’t purchased a proper DSLR since 2007 and a lot has changed since then!

Anyway, below are some of my pics from the last 1½ weeks around various sites in Gippsland.


Grey Shrike-thrush. Darriman Reserve, Giffard.



DSC_0207 (RT)

Sunset from Eagle’s Nest lookout, Inverloch.



DSC_0451 (RT)

White-lipped Snake found during the New Holland Mouse survey. Gippsland Lakes, Vic.



DSC_0473 (RT)

Agile Antechinus. Gippsland Lakes, Vic.


DSC_0373 (RT)

Agile Antechinus getting revenge!



New Holland Mouse, Gippsland Lakes, Vic


DSC_0481 (RT)

Xanthorrhoea in the early morning. A favoured habitat for the New Holland Mouse.

The New Holland Mouse has only been recorded at 3 locations in Victoria in the last 15 years and these are Wilson’s Promontory, Providence Ponds and Gippsland Lakes, all within the Gippsland region. Originally the species was widespread throughout south-eastern Australia but is now restricted to fragmented areas of NSW, QLD, Victoria and Tasmania. We ended up trapping over 20 of the little guys near the Gippsland Lakes so this was a major success. We also had infra-red cameras set up which detected them as well.

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2015 Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Hi all,

If you’ve even the slightest interest in birds you may know about the annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count http://aussiebirdcount.org.au/ run at the end of Oct every year run by Birdlife Australia. This year the dates are 19-25 Oct so you’ve only got this weekend to submit your sightings (unless you already have!)

It only requires you to spend 20 mins at a site (doesn’t have to literally mean your backyard) and even novices will find it easy. You can also download an app for smartphones. There are prizes to be won too. My daughter and I have done this previously but no prizes yet! We’ll be doing the survey on our property in South Gippsland on Sunday.

If you haven’t done it yet there’s no excuses, get twitching by Sunday!